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Tuesday, March 26th - Kalua Pig Bowl!


How many times have you had to grab a sandwich at Disney Hall ($25 for a cold sandwich and a cookie) or worse yet, suffered through another vending machine dinner?

My wife and fellow LAO colleague, Amy, is a terrific cook.

So, we decided to give this thing a try- once or twice a week, I’ll bring hot, home cooked meals to the green room for us to enjoy before or after our call.

A day or two before our next service, I’ll send out an email blast and/or group text with the meal and price. All you have to do is confirm and pay, and a hot meal will be waiting for you 45 minutes before your call- that’s it!



Click HERE to be placed on our email list. We send out an email a few days before dinner service and you can pay via Venmo, Zelle (949-689-6419) or COD. Your food will arrive in the Green Room at DCP, 45 minutes before your call.                                              


Thank you, from your friends and colleagues, Amy and Omar Crook