Well Fed Meals

During the last few decades… probably starting from the 1960s, or perhaps as early as the end of second world war, home cooking has dramatically gone down in the scale. The reason, after the war, the food industry take over the world of cooking and food processing. Well, that’s good news specially new techniques have been discovered to prepare and preserve foods so it will last longer in the shelf. In addition, it’s good for the masses as well as cooking is not that difficult as simply opening a foiled or packaged/prepared foods is easy than preparing everything from scratch.

Home Cooking

The bad side to this food technology advancement is due to the massive demands and still growing in fast pace, food scientists need to find a way in order to produce foods in massive scale. This food production starts from growing the foods itself, both animal and plant-based foods. Both scientists from either field(animal and plant-based foods) need to come up with some sort of efficiency so food can be produced in massive scale with quality, at least on how they look physically.

Furthermore, the bad side of this continues. The techniques that use for food processing requires certain solutions that are not healthy at all. Of course, the process is healthy for the foods(animal/plant-based) but when consumed by humans, it isn’t anymore. This is one big reason obesity is continuously rising in the Western society, and also now starting to become an issue for countries who adapted the Western way of life. In the past, we barely heard or in fact never heard about diabetes. Now, it’s very common. Unfortunately, this health condition was only used to be adult, but now… young people and even children suffer it, too.

In fact, many of men and women today seem to have been surprised what’s going on to them when something is not right occurring to their health. There are numerous health consequences when people are not eating right. Men for instance…specially those sedentary ones who have the habit and love processed foods gain weight easily, and experience various negative health conditions including diabetes, high blood pressure, and even loss of sexual drive and erectile dysfunction.Salad Preperation

No wonder the internet is flooded with lots of male enhancing solutions, but none of these will work as long as there is a complete shift in ones healthy eating and lifestyle. There are various good quality male enhancements like pills, but although they work, they’re just supplements and still the primary shift should take place at one’s healthy eating habits.

This is a similar situation with women as well. In fact, lots of women can gain weight a lot faster these days when they consumed highly processed foods. And, btw, “highly processed” foods is referred here as the unhealthy ones, as there are natural means of processing foods that are healthy and do not destroy the real foods’ live enzymes. In fact, it produces more enzymes that are helpful for the strengthening of the body’s good bacteria when consumed.

Below is a list of amazing benefits why home cooking is still the best option to go for in terms of preparing and eating healthy foods. It’s good for anyone, and anyone can cook. Cooking does not require expertise, but a discipline to do and stick to it. Keep in mind, the tips below are just presenting the facts. We don’t want to change your habit because changing it would just make go away and reject this.

Instead, we present the facts, and you have the power to change yourself…shifts your eating habits to a healthy direction. It’s really true that people don’t resist change, but resist being changed. Hence, we don’t want to change you, but you decide in changing yourself and shift towards a healthy way of life.

We are not against food processing. We’re just concern about how people are accepting it and almost forget the healthy way of food preparation. I think the most common reason is lack of time, but if there’s a will, there’s always a way.

Cooking and Eating At Home Is Healthy

Labels in processed foods includes the label “healthy”, yet the reality of processed foods, they’re not healthy. Well, they’re acceptable when consume in moderation, or a few times in a year for emergency purposes. If they’re consumed as primary source for daily meals, its toll can add up and can result to unwanted health issues including obesity, and diabetes.

Healthy Home Cooked

If you’re thinking you’re saving money and time by just getting meals from fast foods, well it’s true, but health matters, it is not. Even casual dining at restaurants may not be as healthy as traditional home cooking. For fast foods, there is no question, foods that you get there are not healthy especially when consumed as typical daily meals. You’ll be eating a lot of calories beyond what you can burn or use during your entire day of activities.

When I watched one of the Extreme Makeover – Weight Loss Edition episode, fitness trainer Chris Powell calculated the amount of calories per meal that comes from one fast food. I forgot which episode was that, but if you’re following this reality based program, you know you’ve watched it. It was surprising to me, one meal you get from fast food is already more than enough for the body’s normal calorie requirement in the entire day. Imagine, consuming three meals from fast foods can boost the daily requirement by up to 3 times, and not to mention… snackings, which mostly unhealthy, too.

Home cooking, on the other hand, you can control over what you eat and the amount you want to ingest feeding only the body its required amount of calorie for the entire day and spreading this throughout meals.

Freedom Of Food Choice

Yes, it’s true. Cooking and eating at home, or at least preparing the foods through traditional way of home cooking we can have freedom about what we want to put in our mouth. This include the ingredients and if we want fresh and organic, we can do so. It’s in our hands what food we want to put into our mouth.

Food Choices

If the famous saying “what we think is what we become” is true, the same is true with food… “we are what we put in our mouth”, which is manifested through our health and wellness conditions. When you eat or buy foods from fast foods, or processed foods from supermarkets, the big three ingredients are sugar, salt, and preservatives. It’s fine to use these ingredients, but highly and even we call them ultra processed foods contained these ingredients beyond the body requires. Consuming them on a regular basis is bad for our health in the long run.

Buy food from market where fresh produced are delivered and available. Consuming these whole foods is preferable over processed foods, as whole foods specially those organically grown and produced contain live enzymes that feed our body’s good bacteria strengthening our immune system.

Control Over Dietary Requirements

Whether you’re looking to lose weight, or simply want to maintain a healthy way of eating, cooking at home is an amazing solution. Mentioned to have full control over the ingredients you want to include in your food preparation is achievable when you prepare the food yourself. In addition, you have full control about the amount for each ingredients, being the two popular ingredients like sugar and salt. You are at your full discretion on the amount on either or both on these ingredients. If you’re looking to preparing healthier meals, minimizing either or both can be helpful.

Healthy Dieting

I’ve read one marketing food consultant in the person of Harry Balzer when asked what is the best diet to stick with… actually it was Michael Pollan who quoted in his book Cooked: A Natural History Of Transformation, which stated; “…Eat anything you want – just as long as you’re willing to cook it yourself.” And, I can’t agree more because cooking or preparing the food through traditional way of cooking, we can have full control about what we want in our food like portion and amount of ingredients according to our taste. With processed foods, we don’t have full control as these food manufacturers include these ingredients in high amounts for mass production. And, the higher amount of salt, sugar and preservatives, the better the foods taste, look good, and last longer period when stack in the shelf.

On the other hand, fast foods today include extra sugar or salt, but if you use these extra ingredients, you’re just adding more and beyond what the body needs. The food industry sets the standard of what we should eat, our typical daily meals and not what our body requires. I’m not against the food industry as what I’m saying for the people not for the food industry. The food industry revolution is a blessing. However, people or the masses should educate themselves about consumption of these highly or even ultra processed foods.

Portion Control Ability

Comparing between home cooking and simply buying foods from fast foods, or eating at restaurants can have noticeable differences in portion sizes. When you prepare your own meals at home, it’s always an option when it comes to portion size. On the other hand, you’ll get the standard servings from fast foods or restaurants. And, it is our instinct(at least for the majority) to eat what they’re served. So, if you’re served twice your typical diet needs in that single meal, majority tend to consumed it without question.

Portion Control

When this happens frequently, there is only one clear outcome in the months to come, or sometimes in a week even, weight gain. Weight gain is a very difficult to manage and overcome specially this condition is gradual. The gradual occurrence in most cases is noticeable while on the other hand, it developed the habit of bad eating regimen. We all know that habit is really difficult to break and requires one’s will power in order to overcome it. So, if you want to be healthy and maintain ideal weight at your age and physique, prepare your own food at home.

Of course, it’s OK to eat out from time to time…say once or twice a month, but not daily. Weight gain when become uncontrolled can lead to obesity, which causes various health problems including diabetes, hypertension, high blood pressure, and even loss of sexual interest. These conditions not only affect one gender, but both men and women. There’s a good reason why you want to be conscious and careful about what you should put in your mouth.

Avoiding Food Allergies

This is another great advantage when doing home cooking as a habit specially for those who have certain allergies with certain foods. Food allergy may not be hereditary, but when there’s someone in the family having such a condition, eating out should be more careful not to order or eat meals with foods that can trigger allergy to someone.

Food Allergy Prevention

Usually, allergic reaction happens very quickly. Sometimes it can result to serious situation where medical attention is needed. This article does not provide any hints for treating allergy, but certainly picking the right foods for home cooking can help avoid it, or perhaps experiment with some food combinations that can eventually eliminate one’s food allergy problems.

Quality Time Well-Spent

The family that cooks together, eat together and stays together. Yes, it’s true! Cooking is fun and exciting specially if the entire family members get involve in the cooking. Of course, either parents should be the team leader and the rest are helpers. It’s a great time to teach children eating healthy foods and prepare healthy meals.

Family Cooking

Making home cooking as a typical family activity even just during weekends or holidays can help develop children the skills they need that will stay for the rest of their lives when practice the ability and knowledge to eating healthy meals. This is an amazing and priceless skill that can be handed down from generation to generation.

This makes the family achieve the closeness, and developed the habit of cooperation, work as a team instead of letting one person do the work. Work and cook as a team, and everyone will be eating happily and food preparation can be quick and easy.